Frequently Asked Questions: Clinical

Brillians is designed to provide “Cognitive Support” and “Clinician Support” to ALL clinicians. Whether you are a provider, nurse, dietician, pharmacist or anyone else dealing with the CPRS data (e.g., QM chart reviews), Brillians helps with your intellectual work, and minimizes the time and effort spent on various required tasks.

What is the difference between Brillians and CPRS?

The difference between CPRS and Brillians is the same as the difference between data and information! CPRS provides raw data. Brillians provides Actionable Information.

CPRS is a front-end to the data stored in the VistA database. Its primary job is to display requested data. Therefore, CPRS is only concerned with loading, displaying and saving data and NOT with what that data means. This creates two problems: 

  1. If the provider does not request a certain data element, he/she may never see it, no matter how significant that data element is.
  2. The large volume of data overwhelms the provider and hides the critical elements of information in the large body of non-significant data.

To mitigate these issues, Brillians automates data analysis and assists providers with finding the proverbial “needle in the haystack.” Therefore, Brillians significantly reduces the risk of clinical errors due to missed clinical findings. In addition, it provides problem-oriented-data-views to expedite data review, and a number of time-saving,  must have clinical practice tools.

Does Brillians replace CPRS?

No. Brillians complements and “extends”  the functionality in CPRS. Clinicians use Brillians and CPRS side-by-side.

Think of Brillians as an “Add-on” for CPRS. Brillians picks up where CPRS stops.

What is the recommended setup to use CPRS and Brillians together?

Users should place CPRS on their primary monitor and Brillians on the 2nd monitor.  For best results, these application should not be covering each other.

On the modern, wide-screen monitors, the navigation between multiple Apps works best if you place taskbar along the right edge of the primary monitor. This takes some getting used to but increases efficiency significantly.

Do I have to change my workflow to use Brillians?

No. You will continue to use CPRS as you always do, and use Brillians when needed. As usual, sign into Brillians and CPRS method of login that you use for CPRS.

For each patient you see:

  1. Load patient in CPRS and proceed with your usual steps (e.g., greeting the patient, start a progress note).
  2. Brillians prompts to synchronize with CPRS. If you take no action, after a few seconds, Brillians will automatically load the patient you have in CPRS (i.e., auto-synchronize with CPRS). You may continue working in CPRS while Brillians loads and processes data in the background.
  3. When ready, review information in Brillians.

Please note that Brillians requires no work – not even a click – to load and analyze data. It does NOT change your workflow and not get in your way at all. It does all its work in the background and waits for you to utilize the information and tools as necessary.

Can users create their own content?

Yes, users can create custom content for their specialized needs. Brillians comes with a large library of commonly needed content. However, we can not anticipate every possible scenario. Therefore, personalization is supported to the extent possible.

For example, users can:

  1. Create personal “Problem Oriented Views of Data.”
  2. Personal Progress Note Templates.
  3. Personal Letter Templates
  4. Personal content on the View Alert Helper utilities.

Where is help, if I ever need it?

Brillians is designed for clinical staff, not computer geeks.

The user interface is simple, intuitive and easy to navigate. All the features have similar layout which eases the learning curve. Therefore, users rarely need help once familiar with the basics.

Brillians provides extensive help in form of:

  1. Training Videos: These are short, 10-12 minute videos, especially useful to the new users.
  2. Conventional Help menu on the main form provides extensive help.
  3. The “blue question mark icon” in right lower corner of each features form. This opens a short, 1-2 page, help PDF specific to that feature.

Brillians seems to do everything I want. Can it make coffee?

Not yet, but we are working on it! cool