The most advanced Cognitive Support System for VHA’s VistA / CPRS system.

Cognitive Support Features

Patient safety, productivity, easy data visualization and provider satifaction/retention.
The super-cool feature: Brillians make MY life better!

FeatureBenefitsBrillians vs CPRS/Manual

Automated Data Analysis to prevent clinical errors ("Advisories")

Brillians automatically identifies and displays a list of the clinical issues which need clinician’s attention. See the link below to understand how Brillians reduces the risk of clinical errors.No automated data analysis available in CPRS.
Manual: 4+ hours (or impossible; no one has 4 hours).
Brillians: 30-50 seconds at point of care. For each issue, one-click provides enough details to make clinical decisions.
Problem Oriented Viewsof the clinical data for body systems, diseases and specialties.Within seconds, one click displays all the relevant information about the given body system, disease or specialty on one page. Users and VAMC can add personal and shared Views for their special needs.Not available in CPRS.
CPRS: 10-15 minutes to manually find all the relevant data on multiple tabs.
Brillians: 2-3 seconds.
Google-like Keyword Search of the medical recordInstantly find information by searching a large subset of recent clinical data which is otherwise siloed on multiple CPRS tabs. Efficiently search documents, imaging, labs, local and national drug formulary and other data sections.

Not available in CPRS.
Manual search: may take 5-10 minutes.
Brillians: Nearly instant results

VA and DoD Remote data

Within seconds, user can download data from MULTIPLE VAMCs for N years.
The combined data is displayed on CPRS like tabs. The user can “Keyword Search” on the entire downloaded data, just like local data.

JLV - finding remote data can be cumbersome.
Brillians supports google-like search of the remote data. User can download and search remote data in about 30 seconds.

Search VA local and national Formulary

Why call and wait for the Pharmacist?
Instantly find items in the VA formulary. User can search by the partial name of the drug or supply item.

Not available in CPRS.
Manual: Phone call to Pharmacy. Two to ?? minutes.
Brillians: Instant results
Lab Review
Efficiently filter, sort and review abnormal labs for past N years with near-zero effort. Review the common lab profiles with one click.

CPRS – cannot filter, sort, or display the abnormal labs ONLY.
Brillians –filter, sort and review trend with a few clicks.

Imaging Review
Instantly see the list of the imaging studies which clearly flags the “Abnormal” reports. Review any report with one click. Load and search imaging reports for N years as one document.CPRS – does not clearly flag abnormal imaging thus easy to miss.
Brillians -You can’t miss the abnormal reports.
HEDIS/EPRP Metrics related data at a glanceHEDIS metrics are a measure of quality of care. In CPRS, this data is scattered on multiple tabs. In Brillians, the user can review all this data in one place.HEDIS metrics data is hard to find and review in CPRS.
Brillians makes it super-easy.

Productivity Tools

Brillians includes a full set of highly optimized clinical practice tools.

Time-Saving ToolsBenefitsBrillians vs CPRS/Manual
Letter WriterNearly 100 letter templates are built-in to meet just about any need, (e.g., test result letters, work excuse, misc. communication with patients, etc. ). Unlimited shared and personal templates are supported.

Not available in CPRS.
Manual: 3-5 minutes per letter.
Brillians: 30 seconds

Progress Note WriterGenerate high quality progress notes with minimal effort. Improve VERA and 3rd party collections. A large number of templates are built in. Shared and personal templates are supported.

CPRS: Templates are inflexible and difficult to use.
Brillians: Flexible, highly customizable and easy to use. Visually appealing.

Rx WriterMany patients request printed Rx to take to the private pharmacies. Handwriting multiple Rx is cumbersome. Illegible, hand-written Rx create a patient safety risk.CPRS: 3 minutes
Manual: hand-write Rx info.
Brillians: Nicely formatted, printed Rx within seconds.
View Alert HelperFacilitates efficient processing of the View Alerts.
Brillians provides two parallel tools: One uses visual UI and is mouse oriented. The second one is more efficient with keyboard.

No such thing in CPRS.
Brillians: Fast and reduces manual work.

Task ManagerDon't depend on the "yellow stickies" to remember critical tasks. The Task Manager tracks user’s personal “To Do” list and reminds user when the task is due. Avoids gazillion tickler notes.Not available in CPRS.
Medical CalculatorsMost of the commonly used medical calculators are built-in.
With one-click, Brillians loads the needed clinical data, performs calculations and shows the results.
Some of the high-risk scores are shown as Advisories to proactively inform the user.

Medical Calculators are not included in CPRS.
Brillians: One-click and instant results!

Recent Patients ListAutomatically keeps a list of patient loaded in CPRS. So, you can easily find who was that patient about 2PM yesterday. Useful for finding patients after user clicks "Next" while doing View Alerts.No such thing in CPRS.
Unfreeze CPRSWhen CPRS "freezes", users lose work. Brillians provides utilities to unfreeze CPRS, and prevent  data loss and frustration.A Windows App can not unfreeze itself. Duh...
It takes external intervention.
And a few more…