The Need for Cognitive Support

Ever wonder how clinicians sift through tons of data and make treatment decisions?

  1. Identify the clinical issues which do not meet standard of care (abnormal labs, vitals, imaging, recommended monitoring, etc.).
    For each issue, further evaluate:
  2. What is the trend? Is this issue “chronic stable”, getting better, or, getting worse.
  3. To determine #2, review related clinical data in the EHR.
  4. Determine what work-up has been done and what need to be ordered.
  5. Make clinical decisions about how to proceed about each clinical issue.

How can one do all the above steps in a complex patient with many chronic disease and abnormal findings?

The fact is: You can NOT! Not manually. See image showing many steps and the time for each step during a clinic visit. Data analysis is just one step in the process.

We know a thorough chart review takes hours, not 3-5 minutes. Please see the image below.

How Brillians Provides Cognitive Support?

In one word: AUTOMATION!

Brillians automates steps 1-4 (above) which save hours of time per clinic visit. It leaves the step #5 (decision making) to the human expert.

Instead of hours, the data analysis and presentation take only 30-50 seconds, and take zero effort (auto sync with CPRS). All this works in the background therefore Brillians takes up zero user-time!

Based on the extensive data analysis, the clinical issues which do not meet the standard of care, or, are otherwise high-risk findings, are identified as “Advisories.” Brillians presents the list of “Advisories” in a clearly laid-out user interface.

The human expert can review all the Advisories WITHIN MINUTES. For each issue, Brillians provides detailed information with one click so the user does not have to review data in the CPRS/EHR.

If needed, extensive search functions find the desired data almost instantly (compared to 5-10 minutes of manual search on many tabs in CPRS/EHR).

Please see training videos on Advisories on this YouTube channel

In addition to the extensive data analysis, Brillians provides nearly every feature to reduce the cogntive burden on providers.