About Brillians

Brillians is a Comprehensive Cognitive Support System designed to work with the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) health information platform known as VistA. The VA clinicians use “CPRS” – the primary front-end App for the VA’s EHR. Brillians works seamlessly with VistA and CPRS. It includes nearly all the Cognitive Support and Clinician Support features one can imagine. Like CPRS, it is a Windows desktop application.

Brillians starts where CPRS stops! It add nearly all the essential features missing in CPRS. It is designed to improve the quality of care, patient safety, clinician efficiency and productivity while reducing the risk of clinical errors. It includes numerous productivity tools for busy clinicians.

Brillians is in use in VA hospitals since 2006. It has been thoroughly tested by VA staff many times and proven to be safe, secure and stable.

As far back as 2009, the VA OIG praised it as an “Organizational Strength”(see page 3). Since then, Brillians has added numerous new features and efficiencies. 

Brillians is VA TRM approved.

Please visit  Brillians product page for more information.