Users must be authorized to have access to the Brillians App. All clinical staff, including trainees, can have access. However, the access must be explicitly granted as noted below.

New Users: If you click on the Brillians / SupraVISTA link on the CPRS Tools menu and the application does not start, it means that you do not have privileges.

To get privileges to the Brillians App, please contact your Clinical Informatics staff (CACs) for guidance. At many VAMCs, someone in the Clinical Informatics and/or other non-OIT service can grant access. At other VAMCs, the access requires an OIT help ticket.

The following is accurate as of December 2022:

VISNs 9, 15, 17, 19: Please contact the Clinical Informatics (CAC) staff. The local process may require a LEAF request or similar.

VISN-8: Check with local Clinical Informatics staff. 

Orlando – contact CPRS Trainers

Other VISN-8 sites (NF/SG, San Juan and Tampa) : Contact Informatics staff. The details are being worked out.

VISN-10: Check with local Clinical Informatics staff. Most sites require OIT help ticket.

All other sites: Please check with local Clinical Informatics staff.

If you are told to enter an OIT Help Ticket:

  1. On your VA workstation, find the “YourIT” icon on desktop (white circle with YourIT in it). Double-click to open the IT help portal page.
  2. In the left-pane, click on “Service Portal.” (If you do not see “Service Portal” near the top, click on the  “Self Service” tab to display various links under it, including “Service Portal”.)
  3. The “Service Portal” page shows two blue buttons. Click on the “Submit a Request” button. This opens “Frequently Requested Services” page.
  4. The “Frequently Requested Services” page has a number of options. Click on the “Group Access” button (2nd column, 3rd button from top as of this writing).
  5. On the “Group Access” page fill out a few blanks which ask for personal details (name, phone, etc.)
  6. In the “Please provide the name of the group” box, enter “VhaXYZ_SupraVISTA_Users” (note the underscore character as word separator). Replace “XYZ” with the three-letter acronym for your VAMC.
  7. In the next box (“Please provide a detailed description”) please enter something like the following: “I am a new [provider, nurse, clinical staff] at [xyz] VAMC. This request is to gain access to the Brillians application used by the clinical staff.”
  8. Having filled out all the required entries, click “Order Now” button along right side of the page.

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