Problem-Oriented Data Views

The “Problem Oriented Data Views” are one of the most important time-saving feature. They are also known as “Views” or “Reports” for short.

Brillians includes about 70 Views which cover most of the common diseases, body systems (e.g., Liver), specialties (e.g., Cardiology) and special situations (e.g., Pre-Op chart review, or chart review for Methotrexate toxicity). More Views can be added by the VAMC, and even by the user.

Views save time by finding and displaying all the relevant data, including hard to find data. Further, Views also show what data is not available so that provider can order that test/consult, if needed.

When we identify a problem, e.g., new onset of Anemia, the provider needs to look up numerous data elements. See the image below.

As the image shows, you can do it in TWO SECONDS, or, 10-12 minutes – it’s a no-brainer!

To see how the “Problem Oriented Data Views” work in real life, please review the training video for that title.