The difference between CPRS and Brillians is the same as the difference between data and information! CPRS provides raw data. Brillians provides Actionable Information.

CPRS is a front-end to the data stored in the VistA database. Its primary job is to display requested data. Therefore, CPRS is only concerned with loading, displaying and saving data and NOT with what that data means. This creates two problems: 

  1. If the provider does not request a certain data element, he/she may never see it, no matter how significant that data element is.
  2. The large volume of data overwhelms the provider and hides the critical elements of information in the large body of non-significant data.

To mitigate these issues, Brillians automates data analysis and assists providers with finding the proverbial “needle in the haystack.” Therefore, Brillians significantly reduces the risk of clinical errors due to missed clinical findings. In addition, it provides problem-oriented-data-views to expedite data review, and a number of time-saving,  must have clinical practice tools.