Please see FAQ: Application Access Privileges. It answers this question in detail.

The Brillians App may not open for one of the two reasons:

  1. If you are a new user, then you may not have the privileges to the Brillians App. Please see details regarding How to get Access to the Brillians App
  2. The Brillians App is not accessible due to a [temporary] network issue. First step is to RESTART Windows (note that just log-off and then log back in is not the same as “Restart”).

If the above issue persists after RESTARTING WINDOWS, please contact the Clinical Informatics staff or the Brillians POCs at your VAMC.

Do other uses have the same issue? This helps determine if the issue is with the VAMC’s network or only with certain workstation(s). If it is local workstation issue, it typically resolves after RESTARTING Windows (and, if applicable, reconnecting the VPN).