Users must be authorized to have access to the Brillians App. All clinical staff, including trainees, can have access. However, the access must be explicitly granted as noted below.

New Users: If you click on the Brillians / SupraVISTA link on the CPRS Tools menu and the Application does not start, it means that you do not have privileges.

To get privileges to the Brillians App, please contact your Clinical Informatics staff (CACs). At many VAMCs, someone in the Clinical Informatics and/or other non-OIT service can grant access. At other VAMCs, access requires an OIT help ticket.

Please see details regarding How to get Access to the Brillians App

Existing Users: If you have been using Brillians but you cannot start it from the CPRS Tools menu link (or, the desktop icon) then Restart Windows (Log-off and log back in is not the same as “Restart”).

If that does not fix the issue, then it means that the Brillians installation folder is not accessible on the network. This could be a temporary network issue. Please contact your Clinical Informatics/CAC staff and/or OIT.