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Download Application’s Files

Please read carefully. If you are in doubt about any step described below, please contact your technical SME.

  1. The two download buttons provide ALL the files needed to install Brillians at each VA medical center (VAMC).  
  2. You will download the encrypted, password protected files. The password is emailed to the customer contacts via email and is not available on the website.
  3. The downloads provide the LATEST version of Brillians.
  4. At each VAMC, the IT department will create a folder where the above files are installed. The SME and the local clinical informatics staff should work with the IT department to accomplish this.
  5. Users will run the Brillians App using a link on CPRS Tools menu. This link executes (runs) the “Brillians.exe” in the IT provided folder.

Configuration at EACH VA medical center.

  1. The vendor supplies all the necessary files to install the application (see above). However, the Brillians application (“App”) needs to be configured for each VAMC to account for the local VistA system’s unique features.
  2. To “train” Brillians to perform clinical decision support functions, it needs to understand the clinical data at each VAMC. The configuration process provides such information.  
  3. For information security reasons, the vendor does not have access to the VA’s IT systems and the patients’ clinical data. Therefore, the configuration must be performed by VA clinical staff/SME.
  4. Please do NOT try to run the application without proper configuration. The executable will launch but it will either not work properly, or generate M-Server errors.
  5. The SME will use the configuration utility app (included in the downloads) to perform the configuration and update the config files in the proper folders BEFORE launching Brillians App for clinical use.

Note #1: According to the contract, the configuration, end-user trainings, and the Tier-1 support are provided by the VA staff. There functions require access to patients’ clinical data. Due to information security reasons, the vendor does not have access to such data.

Note #2: We do NOT recommend releasing the App to end-users before proper training. Without training, the users may misunderstand the information provided by the App which may result in negative impact on patient safety and quality of care.

If you have any questions about the above narrative, the downloads, or the confguration process, please contact your SME and/or the vendor at: support AT

Thank you.

Manager, SupraVISTA Medical DSS, LLC

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