The most advanced Cognitive Support System for VHA’s VistA / CPRS system.

Clinical Advisories

I never saw that…” is not a defense. The Advisories proactively identify the high-risk issues. Brillians looks at 100s of standard of care issues, and display the worrysome issues for review.


Lab and Imaging Review

Failure to follow-upis a frequent reason for the law-suits. Most of the “failure to follow-up” issues relate to labs and imaging.
Brillians provides “Can’t miss that” means to visualize data.


View Alert Helpers

Burden of processing View Alert is a well known cause of the provider burn-out.
Brillians tools reduce many multi-step processes to one-click or one keystroke.


Global Search

Five seconds (Brillians) or 5-10 minutes (CPRS)?
Duh… A no-brainer!
Clinicians spend about 50% of the clinic visit time searching for data. What a waste! Enjoy huge accuray and efficiency with Brillians.


VA Remote Data

In VA/DoD remote data, how do you search for: “I had the procedure X about 3 years ago; could be VAMC A or B“. You can’t in VA Apps.
In Brillians, within seconds, the user can search remote data like it is local data.

Clinical Practice Tools

Enjoy the full complement of user-friendly, clinical practice tools. A full deck of efficiencies are packed in one App.
Checkout the list of tools and their benefits – scroll down to the 2nd table.

Problem-Oriented Views

Want to see all the relevent data about a disease, body system or specialty in one place? How about 3 seconds? (vs 10-12 minutes in CPRS).
The versatile “Problem-Oriented Data Views” make that a snap.

Local and National Formulary

I know what I want to prescribe but I can’t find it” Happens frequently.
How about searching local formulary using partial drug name? Search national formulary by drug class. Instant results!

Essential Utilities

CPRS is frozen and I am about to lose my work frown” Not really.
I got a phone call and reviewed the chart yesterday. But, I don’t remember who was that patient. Don’t worry. Brillians remembers.