Is Brillians Installed in MY VAMC?

Brillians is a Commercial, Off-the-Shelf (COTS) cognitive support system for CPRS users. It is licensed by the VISN or the VAMC. As of January 2024, the following VAMCs have installed Brillians.

At VAMC, access to Brillians is granted by adding the user’s name to an Active Directory group. Access is limited to clinical users. The active directory group is named as: “VhaXYZ_SupraVISTA_Users”, where “XYZ” stands for the VAMC’s 3-letter acronym. Some VAMC use a slightly different naming convention: “VhaXYZSrvSupraVISTAUsers”. Unless indicated otherwise below, all the listed VAMCs use: “VhaXYZ_SupraVISTA_Users” naming convention for Active Directory groups.

Please check with your Clinical Informatics/Health Informatics team (CACs, HIS, CHIO) regarding how to get access to Brillians at your VAMC.

VISN-4: Altoona and Pittsburgh

VISN-6: Asheville, Hampton and Salem

VISN-7: Augusta, Birmingham, Central Alabama, Charleston, and Tuscaloosa

VISN-8: Gainesville, Orlando (VhaORLSrvSupraVISTAUsers), San Juan and Tampa


VISN-10: All VAMCs

VISN-15: All VAMCs

VISN-16: All VAMCs

VISN-17: All VAMCs

VISN-19: All VAMCs

VISN-21: Honolulu

VISN-22: All VAMCs (trainings and go-live by end of January 2024)

VISN-23: All VAMCs (trainings and go-live by end of January 2024).  VhaXYZSrvSupraVISTAUsers at all sites.