No. You will continue to use CPRS and other clinical Apps as you always do. You will use Brillians when needed.

For each patient you see:

  1. Load patient in CPRS and proceed with your usual steps (e.g., greet the patient, start a progress note, etc.).
  2. When you change patient in CPRS, Brillians prompts to synchronize with CPRS.
  3. If you take no action, after a few seconds, Brillians will automatically load the patient you have in CPRS (i.e., auto-synchronize with CPRS). You may continue working in CPRS while Brillians loads and processes data in the background.
  4. When ready, review the Advisories and other information in Brillians.

Please note that Brillians requires no work – not even a click – to load and analyze the data. It does NOT change your workflow and does not get in your way at all. Brillians does all its work in the background and waits for you to utilize the information and tools as necessary.