The following are unsolicited comments/compliments from users and management who participated in the VISN-10 Super-user Trainings (Dec. ’19 and Jan. ‘20).  “SupraVISTA” App was renamed to “Brillians” years ago but the old name has stuck. (Emphasis added to highlight key issues in the long emails.)

From a Service Chief, Specialty Medicine, VISN-10 (12/27/19): “decreases workload!!”

I was delighted and very impressed by Brillians last week.  I feel that it will not only help streamline providers’ workstreams (making this the only initiative I can recall that decreases provider workload), but it should contribute materially to such major VA goals as Access, Veteran Experience, Safety, Regulatory Compliance, and also allow easier billing for financial stewardship benefits.

From Chief of Quality and Performance VISN-10 (1/28/20): “Very efficient”

I like SuperVista, and all of my QM staff have received the training, it is a very efficient tool, which can reduce ton of time in search information in CPRS.

From a PC Provider, VISN-10 (1/6/20): Efficiency and user acceptance

If anyone is interested in getting access to Supravista (which is awesome) let me know and I can get you registered.  This takes less than 5 minutes…  Supravista is a program that … will save you so much time!  It pulls up anything you might want to know about the patient, i.e. colonoscopy reports, imaging, screenings, labs… without having to click through multiple locations on CPRS.  I have been using it for a couple weeks now and it is amazing!!

From Assistant ACOS, Primary Care, VISN-10 (1/28/20): “LOVING SupraVista”

We’re LOVING SupraVista!  Thank you so much for the training.

From a PC Provider, Primary Care, VISN-10 (1/24/20): “AWESOME”

[Progress notes] I tried using one of them and found it be extremely helpful!

Again, thank you so much, this SupraVista system is AWESOME!!!

From Acting GECL Chief, VISN-10 (1/24/20): “favorite of everyone”

[Physician who is training others…] Your program has made me a favorite of everyone in my hallway 😊

From a C&P Provider, VISN-10 (12/19/19): “very useful”

SupraVista appears to be a very useful application. It immediately provides all the info regarding a searched condition and alerts a provider to deficiencies.

I was surprised to know this has existed since 2005, because if I had known about this, it would have greatly facilitated the chart reviews I’ve conducted over the years. Thanks for this opportunity to discover this application.

From a Surgeon, VISN-10 (1/28/20): “what a difference it made!!”

Thank you so much for making the Brillians-SupraVista class available to us.  I used the program today in clinic…what a difference it made!!

I have already asked to have the program uploaded to our surgical residents, and we will have an informal “surgery service” training tomorrow.

From CBOC Section Chief, VISN-10 (12/18/19): “best training ever”

My staff at XYZ VAMC came back from the training excited to put it into use and to share it with other providers. One participant said it was one of the best training she has ever been to, VA or private.

From C&P Provider VISN-10 (2/26/20): Cuts down chart review time to half

The Vista BrillIans system is amazing! I have been able to set up all of my exams for tomorrow and have reviewed all of the service treatment records for each of them. I was able to find imaging, labs, and EMGs. I was able to set up a total of 9 and complete examinations in approximately 45 minutes. This would’ve taken me a good hour and a half otherwise. Please pass my enthusiasm and gratitude on to the designers. This is BrillianTTTT!

 The Chief Complaint:

Why did we not know about this ten years ago!