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Presale FAQ (2)

Brillians is licensed to the VA medical center, or the VISN. There is no licensing model for purchasing a
license for the named users, or a specific number of users (e.g., for use within a given service only).

Once a VAMC or VISN decide that they would like to purchase a license, they contact the vendor at for pricing and general information like this document. Barring unusual
circumstances, we respond to emails within 24 hours. If you have not received a response with 24-48
hours, please check your Outlook Junk mail folder.

We are happy to assist with much of the documentation required by the COR to put together a package
for the contracting officer.

The vendor’s staff does not have access to the VA network or clinical data. It is neither needed nor requested. Note: This is also part of the information security– the vendor cannot lose or disclose what they don’t have!

Why? Due to VA’s information security rules, it is difficult for small vendors to get and maintain access to VA resources (e.g., network login). It is even more difficult to get access to the sensitive patient-level clinical data which a clinical App like Brillians requires.

To overcome the above limitations, Brillians depends on the knowledgeable, volunteer VA employees to configure, provide training, and support the app. Please see more details on these aspects later in this document.

As of this writing, this model has worked well for over 11 years in nearly 30 VAMCs.